Yoga and Addiction

It was recently reported that a staggering 1 out of every 3 American citizens struggles with addiction of some kind – this can be anything from drug addiction or alcoholism to eating disorders or nicotine addiction. It has also been proven that no matter what type of addiction an individual struggles with, a regular incorporation of yoga can help appease symptoms immensely. By uncovering the underlying causes of addiction and treating the mind, body, and spirit of the addict inclusively, recovery can be a highly effective process. However, it is a lifelong process – one that must be upkept on a daily basis in order to prove effective in combating addiction permanently.

Yoga and Addiction Recovery

Many treatment centers across the nation have been incorporating holistic methods of treatment into their overall recovery programs, and in many instances, this includes regular attendance at yoga classes. Yoga promotes body awareness that is very crucial to comprehensive recovery. Yoga students are urged to get in touch with their physical beings, and awareness of breath is also a main component of such practices. In many cases, addicts and alcoholics will use their substance of choice in order to numb their senses entirely, making getting in touch with their physical selves nearly impossible.

Yoga has proven such a successful method of spiritual, physical, and mental recovery for addicts and alcoholics that many yoga studios across the nation have implemented classes geared exclusively towards addiction recovery. So why is yoga such a successful method of holistic addiction recovery? Yoga promotes patience, a quality that is essential to the frequent gradualness of recovery as a process. Additionally, yoga contributes to a greater sense of control in the acute stages of cravings, agitation, and insomnia (post acute withdrawal symptoms). Of course, like most things, reaping the benefits of yoga takes time, and continued practice is necessary in seeing results. If you are in the early stages of addiction recovery – or any stage for that matter – it would be a wise idea to seriously consider incorporating yoga into your weekly spirituality regime.

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