When Will I Be Cured of My Addiction?

We go to rehab because we are tired of the consequences that using chemical substances present in our daily lives – the physical agony, the mental and spiritual deterioration, the loss of loved ones, loss of passion, eventual loss of life. We go to rehab because we want to be cured of our addictions. Right?

You Will Never Be “Cured” Of Your Addiction

As a matter of fact, there is no “cure” for addiction. While one can get ahold of their addictive qualities, putting them into remission and living a fulfilled, substance-free life, there is no way to ensure that the symptoms of addiction will not again surface if one’s program of recovery begins to be neglected. Fortunately, it is entirely possible for one to maintain contented abstinence indefinitely, as long as he or she continues to practice the program of recovery that allowed prolonged sobriety in the first place. So rather than asking when you will be cured of your addiction, you may wonder when you will cease to obsess about your substances of choice, when your life will start to fall back into place, when your family will speak to you again. You may wonder when the consequences of your addiction will actually begin to repair themselves, how much work you need to put in to finally, finally be as carefree and happy as you once were.

All Good Things Come in Time – And Not Without Significant Effort

There is no question that years of active addiction have left most of our personal motivation muscles atrophied. Only the intense desperation and willingness that sparked us to seek treatment in the first place will provide us with the impetus necessary to continue down the road of recovery. Well, intense desperation and willingness coupled with a fair amount of hard work. Most rehab facilities across the nation implement an introduction to a 12-step method of recovery, taking clients to outside meetings and teaching them of the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous and other similar programs. Once rehab is complete and the acclimation back to real life begins, the truly hard work simultaneously initiates. It is strongly recommended that you get a sponsor and begin working the steps as quickly as possible. If you put in the work and remain honest and maintain integrity and humility, there is a good chance that you will stay sober and successfully keep your disease in remission for years to come.

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