Tinder for Sober Singles?

Sobriety is totally trending right now. With the recent devastating influx of heroin abuse and addiction among youth throughout the United States, the amount of young people in recovery has all but skyrocketed in recent years. More and more people are opting to trade in the drink and the drug for an opportunity to not only reclaim their lives, but to gain a personal and spiritual insight that many men and women strive to obtain for years when battling addiction.

Sober communities are popping up around the country in states like Florida, California and Texas.
Sober communities are popping up around the country in states like Florida, California and Texas.

Without question, young adults in recovery can relate to one another on a unique and experienced level. Attending meetings and fellow-shipping afterwards is a fundamental part of the lives of modern day youth across the country who are living in recovery. “Recovery communities” have popped up in major cities across the nation as of late, including South Florida, Texas, Southern California and Virginia, making it easier for young men and women to relocate and begin living their recovered lives among individuals who have undergone the same struggles and can assist one another in staying on track.

But what happens when you, like all people, want to find a compatible mate? Dating sober can be quite a different experience than before. And it can be difficult to “date” within the rooms. For those who are single (yes, that’s most of us) we still want to “hook up” and “go out” – and court in the traditional ways. But unlike college or in the bar scene, the ratio of men to women tends to be somewhat uneven within the rooms of various 12-step fellowships. In addition, 12-step meetings can be a risky place to pick up potential partners.

In fact, regardless of whether you’re sober or not, scoping out the scene at a meeting or at a bar are equally as unlikely to produce a genuine match for a long-term, healthy relationship. Which explains why dating apps and online dating sites have been so abundant and successful in recent years. The best dating sites help to link people together who are ultimately compatible based on personality and lifestyle. And we’re stoked that there is a free dating site for single people in sobriety now.

Sober Singles
The Sober app will do for the recovery community what Tinder has done for “regular” singles.

“Sober”, a dating app for those in recovery for drug and alcohol dependency, allows individuals to meet and communicate based on location – but this singles app, unlike its older brother ‘Tinder’, is not merely for hook-ups and uncomfortable blind dates. Sober incorporates various elements of social media, allowing users to ‘friend’ others in their area and list whether or not they are available to sponsor others who are actively looking for a nearby individual to take them through the steps. The founder and CEO of this newly launched dating community, 22-year-old Antoine Nauleau, is sober himself – thus he is creating and perfecting his application based on personal experience and the trials and tribulations of similarly –circumstanced friends, who are looking for other sober singles like themselves.

“It’s a great place to go to connect with like-minded people from around the country,” said Kelly Fitzgerald, a 29-year old Sober user from Florida. “I’m glad someone has taken advantage of the mobile dating app scene and put a sober twist on it. It feels good to be able to chat with other sober people in other settings besides meetings.”

While Sober was initially launched in San Francisco, there are plans to expand this dating app nationwide, making it widely available like Tinder is currently. The app is free for users, but is currently only accessible on the iPhone. Android users are able to sign up on a waiting list, and will be notified as soon as the app becomes available to them.

Sober on singles!

Download the ppp for iPhone here:  http://sober.ly/app/ or get on the waiting list for your Android here: http://sober.ly/waiting-list/