Adolescents In Recovery

Cultivating A Lifetime of Success

The widespread use of recreational drugs, alcohol and prescription medication accessibility has had a crippling effect on our nation’s young population. Adolescents are now experimenting and abusing mind and mood altering drugs at an earlier and more rapid frequency than ever before.

Each day, it is estimated that almost 8,000 people experiment with their first drug. That equates to around 2.8 million new users a year. The majority of young people first experiment with marijuana, a gateway drug responsible for initiating the use of other deadly addictions like alcohol, amphetamines, prescription medications, synthetic drugs and heroin. This increase in use of our young population has created the need for more treatment centers catering to specialized adolescent drug recovery programs. In 2013, it was estimated that about 78,000 clients under the age of 18 were being treated for addiction therapy.

College Drug Use

This is not an affliction generalized to impoverished groups as once stigmatized. It is reported that college students represent the largest population experimenting with gateway drugs like marijuana, Adderall and Ritalin. Since 2008, the use of Adderall and Ritalin has doubled in this segment of young Americans, affecting over 10% of enrolled students. The rate of use for marijuana is the highest, around 36% of all students. And for alcohol use, it is estimated that 35% of college students are binge drinking as compared to just 31% of the non-college enrolled population. This high rate of use creates the illusion that drug and alcohol use is normal, when in fact it is creating a foundation of future addicts.

The best inpatient rehab facilities offer specialized programs for adolescents affected with such addictions, allowing them individualized treatment for this unique socio economic segment. Such facilities offer programs to instill life skills like balance, accountability, goal setting and achievement. At such a young age, it is important to instill lifelong teachings to this impressionable group. While in treatment, adolescents are able to continue their schooling by attending classes while discovering the lifelong benefits of following a 12-step program of recovery.

Attaining recovery at a young age and forming a foundation built upon the principles of sobriety is an unparalleled achievement to cultivate a lifetime of success, gratitude and self-discipline. If your child is in need of treatment from drug or alcohol abuse, call one of our team members at 1.866.233.1869 to learn more about our adolescent services.