Sick of Starbucks: Free Time in Early Sobriety

Being newly sober is truly one of the best gifts that any previously suffering drug addict or alcoholic will ever receive – and it is also the gift that is, by far, the most taken for granted. This is in large part due to the fact that although men and women who have suffered for years at the hands of substance dependency are now being given the opportunity to completely reverse their lives, early sobriety can be… boring. Devastatingly boring. I, myself, have tried literally every coffee concoction on the Starbucks menu – at least twice. My free time, when I first got clean, consisted of going to meetings, getting coffee, and laying on the couch in my halfway house playing Candy Crush for (embarrassing to admit) hours on end. And when I say hours, I don’t mean two… I mean heaps and piles of sad, lonely hours. If I had known then what I know now (being sober can actually be fun), I probably would not have taken sobriety for granted and would have reveled more in my newfound freedom.

I’ll Have A Caramel Macchiato With Extra Foam and Redundancy

A common misconception in early sobriety is that everything that you used to do that involved drinking to any extent, you can no longer do. Well, I don’t know about y’all, but I made literally everything in my life into a drinking game; folding laundry, work, taking showers, conversing with extended relatives over the phone somewhat uncomfortably – these were all super fun drinking games to me. If I stopped doing everything I used to do while drunk I would have no choice but to dissipate into thin air. If your favorite band is playing and you can round up a group of really solid sober supports to go with you to the concert, try not to let fear of “never having been to a concert sober” hold you back. I went to a concert within my first 4 months of sobriety with a group of sober buddies, and we all had the time of our lives with absolutely no inebriation of any kind. If I am at a weak spot in my recovery and don’t feel completely safe attending an event where there will be ample bottle and doobie passing, I am honest with myself about it. The key to successfully attending non-sober events in sobriety is remaining honest with yourself at all times.

Early Sobriety Can Actually Be… Fun

Don’t get me wrong; I still enjoy a nice Starbucks rendezvous now and again… though I try not to limit myself based on what I used to do. As I grow in recovery I grow in ability, and I no longer need the assistance of drugs or alcohol to enjoy things like music, beach days, or nature hikes. You can do anything in sobriety that you did while getting high or drunk. Aside from… getting high or drunk. Just be honest with yourself, and be sure you always have a solid support system on hand.

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