How To Prepare For Drug Rehab

Going to a  drug rehab for the first time can be somewhat of a scary experience – you will be away from home, your family, your friends, and most frightening of all, you will leave behind your drug of choice. Life without drugs or alcohol may seem impossible, but if you spend enough time away you will quickly realize that what you spent all of your days doting on was inevitably only going to prevent you from having a life beyond your wildest dreams. Mental preparation is tough – the unfamiliar is always somewhat unsettling. Just trust that millions before you have successfully done what you are about to do, and that admitting yourself or someone you love to a drug rehab will always do more good than harm.

Aside from mental preparation, you must physically prepare – and packing your belongings is potentially the most important element of physical preparation. Here are some helpful pointers regarding what and what not to bring with you to  drug rehab.

  • Pack enough comfortable clothing for a week.

Only pack enough for a week – there will be a laundry set-up on the premises, and you will most likely only be given a small bureau in which to store your clothing. T-shirts and sweatpants are lifesavers, considering you will be sitting in therapy courses for the majority of your days in treatment. You will most likely have allotted time for exercise, so be sure to pack sneakers and gym clothes!

  • Toiletries – just the basics.

Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and a razor… anything else is at risk of being thrown away. Perfume isn’t necessary – and because most fragrances contain alcohol, they will not be allowed. Use discretion when packing personal hygienic products, and remember – less is more!

  • Be sure to bring your insurance papers, and any other important documents you may need.

Insurance cards and ID cards are required for admission, so be sure you pack all of you necessary paperwork in a safe place. You may also bring credit cards and other forms of currency; though expect these to be held in a safe until you have completed treatment.

Preparing For Treatment Can Be Stress-Free!

When preparing for treatment, be sure to stick to the essentials. You will not need a sexy black dress or your DVD collection. Back some comfy clothes, the proper paperwork, and maybe a book for the plane ride. The most important thing you can bring to drug rehab is willingness, and the expectancy to begin living a beautiful life free from drugs and alcohol if you truly commit to the journey of recovery.

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