New Drug, Flakka, Takes Florida By Storm

Flakka, the new synthetic drug that some call “$5 insanity”, has recently infiltrated Florida state lines, leaving disturbing and unsettling crime scenes in its wake. The drug has been recently classified as part of a growing global epidemic titled “new psychoactive substances” by health specialists and law enforcement agents. Synthetic drugs in this category are typically designed in laboratories in China, Mexico, or the United States. The active ingredient found in Flakka is “alpha-PVP” or alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone – the same active ingredient found in Florida-famous bath salts. While this specific chemical has been illegal in the United States since 2014, products manufactured with this chemical can still be easily purchased online from China. While synthetic psychedelic products are still offered online by several Mexican and American manufacturers, Chinese distributors completely dominate the market in the present day. Mexican drug cartels rely heavily on Chinese ingredient suppliers, and US drug officials claim that the loose regulations in China’s chemical industry are largely responsible for the continuation of the methamphetamine problem within the US.

How Does One Even Have Sex With a Tree?

Over the course of the past year, US police have arrested a fair amount of American citizens who had purchased bulk quantities of alpha-PVP from Chinese manufacturers, though the majority of reported incidents of Flakka use seem to stem from the country’s weirdest state – Florida. In recent news, a 41-year-old Florida man believed to be high on Flakka attacked a police officer, claimed he was God, and had sex with a tree before he was taken into custody. Another Flakka-loving man in Palm Beach County was arrested after climbing atop a roof naked and waving a gun around. Stories like these are pooping up throughout Southern Florida, and while they are no doubt alarming, they seem to merely be small side effects of a far greater issue. Each new drug that makes the headlines – bath salts, Flakka, and the like – are simply slight variations of the same treacherous chemical combination. Molecular make-up is shifted slightly to evade continuously evolving bans and regulations. Flakka’s key ingredient is one of the most recent to make the Schedule 1-labeled substances list in the parlance of the US D.E.A. which describes drugs in this category as, “drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse…the most dangerous drugs of all the drug schedules with potentially severe psychological or physical dependence1.” Unfortunately, manufacturers are constantly changing the genetic make-up of their synthetic products, repeatedly altering molecular build just enough to skirt lawmakers. So what can we, the general public, do to help alleviate this rapidly growing problem?

What Cautions We Should Take Against Flakka and Other Synthetic Drugs

Because the problem has grown so immensely and no end to the rapidly escalating issue is in sight, the most vital precaution we as the general public can take is getting the word out regarding exactly how lethal such substances are. Many ingredients never meant for human consumption are haplessly thrown in the mix, resulting in chemical compounds that are extremely deleterious to the human body and brain. Because synthetically manufactured substances such as bath salts and Flakka continuously evade laws regarding Schedule 1-labeled substances, they are exceedingly easy to obtain – thus widespread knowledge is truly the best defense against continued use… and gratuitous sex with trees.



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