What Is Holistic Treatment?

While other forms of addiction treatment may concentrate solely on the disease of addiction or specifically on emotional health and healing, holistic treatment takes the entirety of the person into consideration – the mind, the body, and the spirit. Many treatment centers incorporate holistic methods into their overall programs, offering spiritually healing classes such as yoga or meditation in addition to classic therapeutic and educational techniques. Holistic treatment stems from a belief that one can gain optimal health and wellness by maintaining balance in his or her life. Those who actively practice holistic medicinal techniques believe that one whole person is made up of several interdependent pieces, and if one is not working properly then all will be equally affected. Thus if one is experiencing any kind of emotional, spiritual, or physical unbalance, all aspects of their life will be compromised.

Principles of Holistic Treatment

There are several principles of holistic medicine that all holistically based treatment adheres to. These are:

  • The patient is a human being – the being is being treated, not the disease
  • All human beings are equipped with innate healing powers
  • Healing takes a team approach, and addresses numerous aspects of an individual’s life using a variety of healthcare practices
  • Treatment is not about merely alleviating symptoms – the cause of the condition must be uncovered and thoroughly remedied

There are many types of holistic treatment, and drug rehabs nationwide vary as far as which specific aspects they employ. Many inpatient facilities promote patient education revolving around self-care and significant lifestyle changes that promote wellness. This will often include courses on relationship health, spiritual counseling, psychotherapy, diet, and exercise. Alternative forms of care are also typically utilized. These include acupuncture, yoga, meditation (often guided by a licensed spiritual advisor), massage therapy, and naturopathy. It is important to remember that the disease of addiction takes a major toll on the spirit as well as the physical body. Healing is not merely a matter of detoxing from chemical substances and stabilizing tangibly. True treatment uncovers the underlying reasons behind addiction, and treats the being as an inclusive whole. Many have found holistic treatment highly effective, and it common for recovered addicts and alcoholics to continue with holistic practices long after graduating from a residential drug rehab.

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