Holiday Recovery Gifts

The Best Gifts to Give for Recovery. Whether it’s for a holiday, birthday or especially an anniversary, gift-giving for someone in recovery is often a very special, and personal choice. There are so many great options as most recovery gifts are laced with spiritual teachings, personal sentiment and support. So with all possibilities out there, and as the holidays quickly approach, we wanted to put together some of our favorite gifts for the next time you’re celebrating an anniversary, or looking for the perfect gift to give your friend, sponsor, sponsee or family member.
For Anyone…

The five minute journal is a beautiful, hard-cover bound book that includes lists to make both every morning and every evening a happier, healthier day. By combining the proven elements of positive psychology and simple, spirit-lifting daily goals, this book encourages anyone, especially those enlightened by the program of recovery, to cultivate a space of gratitude and to challenge one’s self toward a better today and tomorrow. In the morning, you’re encouraged to make a gratitude list, mention what would make the day great and list affirmations. In the evening, jot down the amazing happenings of the day as well as the things that would have made the day better. Whether they’re newly in recovery, or have been for years, The Five Minute Journal is an amazing tool to help anyone get back into a space of gratitude and growth. $22.95

For The Spiritual Seeker

Many of us find that meditation, part of the 11th step, is a practice that keeps us connected to our spiritual center, the heart of our recovery, by maintaining a conscious contact with our program and our inner emotions. It may be hard to cultivate a meditation practice, so the gift of a guided meditation CD, targeted for the person in recovery, is an amazing offering to help them start, grow or perfect their meditation practice. Pick up “How To Meditate”, by Pema Chodron. This CD is perfect for the beginner, or the already spiritually connected, by guiding the listener through 12 sessions, highlighting the basics of mediation, mindfulness, awareness, breathing, posture and balance. $26.95

For the Activity Seeker

It’s typically only after we find recovery that we begin to open ourselves up to either the things we used to love doing, or have never tried before. Having the time and mental energy again to invest ourselves in hobbies is a gift we give ourselves in sobriety. Did someone introduce you to your favorite pastime? Or even the 12-steps? These introductions change lives, opening us up to new, enjoyable activities. Gift someone a potential new hobby with a series of yoga classes, a surf lesson or a kickboxing class. Perhaps there’s a writing class, or hiking trail you like to go to. Why not join a softball league or take a fishing trip? Not only is this a potential gift you give them, but it can help introduce each of you to new people and strengthen your relationship.

For The Style Savvy

Women and men alike can enjoy an inspiring message adorned on a piece of jewelry. Any one of our slogans, or one special to the person you are gifting to, is a great idea. We love ones with the serenity prayer, as it’s such a global re-centering message for anyone in recovery. Not only is it a thoughtful keepsake gift, but it can also provide a subtle reminder to remain connected, especially as people, places or things can creep up. Amazon and Etsy have thousands of options, including chic wrap bracelets like this one, $16

( for her, or this rustic leather version for guys, just $15.


( They’re elusive enough to wear anytime yet provide a powerful reminder when it’s needed most.

For The Newcomer

Surprisingly enough, there are many people in recovery who do not own their own 12-step books, including a copy of Alcoholics Anonymous, The 12 Steps and 12 Traditions and Twenty Four Hours A Day. If you’re newly sponsoring someone, or would like to help someone new in recovery, ask if they have each (or any) of these foundational text books. If not, purchase a set online at the Hazelden Bookstore ( Recovery|Early Recovery&kw=&rowsPerPage=&sortMode=&HAZLWEB_STORE_SELECTED=B2C). If they already have their literature, or as an added gift, pick up a nice book cover, like this quilted version,

for $25 at so he or she can feel comfortable reading our principles and stories anywhere.

Ultimately, the greatest gift we give ourselves and others is our sobriety. Make sure to take the time to focus on your own recovery as well as remain connected with your support community, as it is often the sharing of love, experience and guidance that keeps us in a space of serenity and gratitude. And, as our program illiterates, the foundational principle of our program is simply one alcoholic or addict helping another.