Girls Only: Stay Sober Through PMS

The hormonal imbalance in females caused by pre-menstruation can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety – both of which are detrimental to maintained sobriety. It is not uncommon for females in early recovery to relapse during PMS, seeing as hormone function is thrown off and unfamiliar or seemingly irrational emotions take over swiftly and without fair warning. For this reason, it is very important for pre-menopausal women to be aware of their own personal cycles, and to take serious heed to the following suggestions of how to stay sober through “that time of the month” every month.

How To Stay Sober Through PMS

  • Stay Rational

I know this one might seem relatively impossible, but what I mean by “staying rational” is simply remembering why it is you are experiencing severe mood swings at crying at every commercial you see on Lifetime. Keep in mind that the severe emotional instability is only temporary, and within a week you will be back in perfect working order.

  • Dark Chocolate

The serotonin-boosting cocoa found in dark chocolate will not only help improve your mood, but also help to satisfy your seemingly insatiable craving for… everything. And try not to be too hard on yourself – it is totally acceptable to eat like a ravenous beast a couple days out of the month, as long as you balance your binging with a little of the below.

  • Exercise

Moderate exercise such as power walking and yoga can help relieve cramps and help keep your mental wellbeing in check. Exercise has also been scientifically proven to reduce cravings, so throw on your jogging shoes and take a little run around the block whenever you start to feel somewhat restless.

  • Girlfriends

Having a solid group of sober girlfriends that can relate to your struggles is always a good idea. It is pretty likely that if you spend enough time together you’ll end up syncing up, so organize a monthly RomCom party and tell everyone to bring a box of tissues and a snack to share.

  • Let Yourself Relax

Take a break! Give yourself a mental health day and stay inside watching guilty pleasure TV shows and eating chocolate chip cookie dough. You deserve a day off, and if your emotions are a little out of whack taking a sick day will probably ultimately do more good than harm. Just remember to take whatever steps necessary to keep yourself sane and sober, and keep in mind – this too shall pass!

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