Finding Serenity in Addiction Recovery

The process of recovery is never a simple one – addiction is not a disease that can be treated with a one-week course of antibiotics or a month of intensive therapy. Addiction treatment is a lifelong process of spiritual growth and mental and emotional healing. Because every addict is different and each individual story of substance dependency is so highly unique, the methods of treatment must vary based on personal needs. While the incorporation of spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation may prove highly beneficial to some, others may choose to get and stay extremely involved in a 12-step fellowship, sponsoring other addicts and attending meetings on a daily basis. You will undeniably have ample time in early sobriety to discover what combination of personally enhancing activities works best to maintain your recovery and continuously aid in progressing your spiritual wellbeing. The key to success is obtaining serenity. Listed below are several activities you may choose to explore on your journey towards a fulfilled, serene, and sober life.

Finding Serenity in Addiction Recovery

  1. Obtain serenity through working with animals.

There is something innately therapeutic about spending time around animals. Volunteering at a local shelter or adoption service can be extremely beneficial to emotional health, and the spiritual bond that animals and humans tend to form can teach one a thing or two about unspoken amity.

  1. Explore the natural expanses in your area – meditate outside.

If you are seeking a higher level of spiritual reconciliation, few things are more helpful than immersing yourself in the midst of the great outdoors. Find a quiet place where you can be alone, and meditate in the way you see fit. Sit in silence, sing, or paint a picture of the sky.

  1. Find a hobby that truly makes you happy – think outside the box.

You have most likely spent so long drowning any inclinations of interest in booze and drugs that you may not know what it is you enjoy to any degree. So try new things. Who knows? You may find solace in reading comic books, or riding horses, or fencing, or paddle boarding. Allow yourself to truly explore potential personal pleasures.

Learn how to dance hip-hop, learn how to read music, learn how to skateboard, how to fly a kite, how to count to 10 in Mandarin. Take a cooking class, go back to school, sit in on a psychology class at the local community college.

Not only will teaching help others, it will remind you of your own importance and set of valuable assets. Tutor once a week, coach a youth sports team, offer to teach a friend how to play the piano. You will be amazed to find how much you truly have to offer.

  1. Find an artistic medium that appeals to you.

Photography, dance, sketching, poetry, painting, sculpting, theatre, birdhouse construction… express yourself artistically for improved spiritual health.

  1. Help someone in need.

Anyone. Volunteer at a homeless shelter, install something for your neighbor, buy a broke friend lunch. Helping those in need is always a surefire way to bolster spirituality as well as gratitude.

Of course, the most risk-way free to guarantee a serene life is to join a 12-step fellowship and work through the steps with a trusted sponsor. Think of other forms of spiritual exploration and growth as supplements, taken daily to feel your physical, emotional, and mental best. And remember – while things may seem difficult now and spiritual health may seem an unattainable goal in times of distress and negativity, you have everything within the acorn of your soul to become a massive, sturdy oak with a little bit of nurturing and patience.

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