5 Essential Life Skills Recovering Addicts Learn

When we first sober up and begin slowly re-acclimating to life without chemical substance, we are left vulnerable to many uncomfortable emotions and feelings we have numbed and buried behind years of drug alcohol use. We essentially have to relearn how to be functioning members of society, and everyday stressors may seem monumental and insurmountable seeing as we effectively evaded responsibility and emotional stability for so many years prior to abstinence. While we learn how to stay sober successfully, how to maintain fulfilled and efficacious recovery, we may be surprised to learn that we are gifted with many other valuable lessons and skills that have eluded us throughout our using days. Listed below are 5 essential life skills every recovering addict will be pleasantly surprised with learning.

5 Essential Life Skills Recovering Addicts Learn

  1. How to communicate feelings.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that screaming directly into someone’s face is not the most effective way to get a message across. Not only will you learn how to communicate with patience and a level of respect you never even considered possible, but you will also learn how to speak from the heart, with honesty and integrity. Communicating feelings effectively will undeniably be a new observation – though it is one sure to have a lasting positive impact on your life indefinitely.

  1. How to be a good employee.

Work ethic is actually a thing. Even though you will likely re-enter the working world initially hand crafting burritos at Chipotle or trying to sell nicotine gum over the telephone in a room full of 20-year-old smokers, you will learn how to be a dedicated and hardworking employee. Maybe you thought you previously were, what with your showing up to work on time maybe twice a quarter and slyly stashing that vodka in your briefcase to enjoy between meetings. But you actually weren’t. Now you can be.

  1. How to lose arguments.

Winning arguments used to bear a certain amount of inexplicable importance – now, it is more important to clearly communicate your point of view and listen to other standpoints calmly and rationally. You will soon see that the one who truly ‘loses’ an argument is the one who does not learn from it.

  1. How to say goodbye.

Saying goodbye to anything you truly love and care for is extremely difficult, though you will have some pretty unmatched practice when it comes to saying goodbye to your drink or drug of choice. You will learn to say goodbye to old behaviors, to unhealthy relationships, and to an outdated and unserviceable way of viewing the world. You will become an expert boundary-setter and learn how and when to let things go, despite how difficult it may be.

  1. How to be proud of yourself.

You will steadily learn as you continue to recover that you are not, by any means, a bad person. In fact, you will come to realize that you have quite a bit to offer. You will begin to accrue accomplishments, and although it may be unfamiliar, you will begin to appreciate yourself for all of your outstanding capabilities.

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