Drug Rehab: How To Make Your First Your Last

An unfortunate amount of individuals who are attempting to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol will relapse at some point in time. The vast majority of men and women who attend an inpatient drug rehab for the length of an entire program will relapse in less than 3 months after graduating. In fact, the rate of relapse far exceeds the rate of maintained recovery. Why is this, and what can you do to avoid this disturbing trend?

When committing to drug rehab, it is important to understand that you are simultaneously committing to a life completely abstinent from chemical substance. Because this concept is overwhelming for many who have dedicated so many years of their lives to drinking and drugging, it is often far easier to agree to these terms on a day-to-day basis. If you can agree to abstain for one day at a time, this is good enough to start. Additionally, when committing to treatment you are making a vow to leave your old life behind and begin completely anew, building a new and better life (one beyond your wildest dreams) entirely from the ground up.

This can also seem quite overwhelming, especially if you have not lost everything as a result of your addiction – if you still maintained friendships, a career, and upkept a home while actively using. In this case, the emotional turmoil and severe spiritual void and desperation that inevitably motivated you to seek treatment should be kept at the forefront of the mind. Are you willing to begin anew mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Are you willing to sacrifice an immediate return to your career and loved ones in order to promote and maintain internal peace and wellness? Carefully consider your level of willingness before committing to a program that will, if adhered to with dedication and open-mindedness, wholly change your life permanently and for the better.

Taking The Cotton Out of Your Ears and Putting It In Your Mouth

If your addiction has lead you directly to a point of utter desperation, you are likely willing to go to whatever lengths necessary in order to ensure a healthy and joyous life free from the unrelenting grips of drugs and alcohol. Yet sometimes, addiction treatment is not quite what you may have in mind. Most treatment programs consist of a variety of intensive therapeutic methods, geared towards uncovering and treating underlying causes of addiction. Many individuals who battle substance dependency began using drugs and alcohol in order to self-medicate emotional wounds caused by past trauma or undiagnosed co-occurring disorders. One of the major roles inpatient treatment plays is treating underlying causes – though this can drive some patients away, especially those who have never attempted to face past issues. Yet if you entirely commit to bettering yourself and dedicating yourself to bravely facing temporarily uncomfortable situations, you will undeniably be giving yourself a better opportunity to make your first rehab your last rehab, and maintaining fulfilled sobriety for the remainder of your life.

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