Clean and Sober and Totally Broke

When we finally commit to seeking treatment, we are typically left with very little to our names – by means of material possessions and otherwise. While this is not the case for everyone, it is typical for young addicts and alcoholics to surrender with little to nothing to call their own. Essentially, we must start from the ground up, first rebuilding ourselves and then starting in on repairing our lives. Inpatient drug rehab sets a solid foundation for lasting and fulfilled recovery, one that will provide the basis for a truly beautiful and meaningful life overall. Eventually, as the program of Alcoholics Anonymous promises its members, fear of financial insecurity will leave us – once our lives in working order we are liable to find that we truly have everything we need, and want for nothing. But what are we to do when we find ourselves fresh out of drug rehab with nothing more than a few t-shirts and a pair of beat-up sneakers?

Clean and Sober and Totally Broke

Being totally and completely broke is essentially a right of passage in early recovery. Living off of fast food and EBT credit becomes the social norm, and bumming cigarettes off of homeless people isn’t actually that much of a stretch. Working what one may call a euphemism-drenched “humbling” job will likely not even come close to paying the weekly halfway house rent (which you will eventually realize is more expensive than a dingy apartment for a reason, but for now may seem outlandish). It may appear that life is not much better financially than it was when you were using, and at times of utter monetary frustration you might begin to think, “What’s the point?”

The point is that if you continue on the path you are on, despite temporary difficulties, things will, inevitably, get better. Paying for dollar menu items in change and taking the bus to your stock job at the local supermarket will come to an end, and you will soon be living a life beyond your wildest dreams. The key is to not give up before things start to look up, to push forward and ask for help when necessary knowing that a better way of life is right on the horizon, within reach.

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