8 Things You Will Learn in Drug Rehab

Going to drug rehab for the first time can be scary – you have lived so long with drugs and/or alcohol that suddenly being removed from everything you know is surely nothing short of terrifying. Living sober is completely foreign, and the unknown is often feared. However, there are at least 8 reassuring things you can expect to learn that will make the overall process far less frightening. In fact, you may even look forward to learning these benchmark lessons of recovery!

  1. You Are Not Alone

You will quickly find that at least one person you are in treatment with shares a story almost identical to yours. If you think no one can relate to a specific experience or feeling, this is undoubtedly not the case. Don’t be afraid to reach out – you inevitably have more in common with your peers than you think.

  1. You Are Not a Bad Person

No matter how many depraved and ruthless things you have done in your past, there is always someone who has done something worse. And acting out in unfavorable ways doesn’t make you a bad person – it makes you a drug addict! Hardly any dope fiends are upstanding members of society. Go easy on yourself. You are seeking help now, thus you are being given the opportunity to start anew and prove to the world who you really are.

  1. Addiction is a Disease

Despite what you may think or what you may have heard from friends and family, addiction to drugs or alcohol is far from a choice. If you are seeking treatment you have come to realize that you can’t simply stop whenever you want to. This is because of a chemical imbalance in your brain – one that you will learn about in detail during your stint at a South Florida drug rehab.

  1. You Are Probably Depressed, Anxious, or Both

In many instances, an individual who abuses drugs or alcohol is trying to alleviate symptoms of an underlying psychological disorder. Once a medical professional properly evaluates you, you will get the help you need to stop feeling “off” – and start feeling truly happy.

  1. Feelings Are Pretty Amazing

In most cases, addicts and alcoholics use on a regular basis in order to stifle and avoid feeling their feelings. Getting sober is a rollercoaster of emotion, and while some feelings (sadness, grief, anxiety) are slightly uncomfortable at first, others (joy, pride, love) are worth everything.

  1. Making Friends is Easy

Because you will inevitably have so much in common with everyone else, you will find that making friends isn’t quite as difficult as you may have once thought. And since you are now realizing more and more exactly who you are, you may be pleasantly surprised that other people are interested in getting to know that person too.

  1. You Have A Lot to Offer

You will not only find that making friends is easy, but that your friends will want your advice. Advice? From you?! Believe it or not, you do have a lot to offer! After you have a few weeks under your belt, you can help those who are just coming in. After all, you’ve been there – any advice or comfort you can offer will undeniably be greatly appreciated.

  1. Everything Will Be Okay

Even though things will start to get better overall, some days you might wake up thinking, “what is my life?” This is normal in early sobriety. It is important to remember that really, truly… everything will be okay.