6 Things to Avoid While in Drug Rehab

Going to drug rehab for the first time can be a scary thing, and it is not difficult to get caught up in drama and distraction to avoid facing the reality that your journey into recovery has officially begun. Drug rehab can be an extremely fulfilling and life-changing experience – but only if approached the right way. There are several things that may get in the way of you reaping all of the rewards available, things that may, eventually, be the cause of relapse if you do not address and avoid them. Here is a list of 6 things you will definitely want to avoid while completing your stint in an inpatient treatment facility.

Avoid Doing These 6 Things While in Drug Rehab

  1. Avoid Gossip and Drama

It is easy to get involved in petty drama while living in close quarters with dozens of complete strangers. Especially when the strangers you are living with happen to be drunks and drug addicts. Just remember to stay focused on yourself – after all, you are doing this for you, no one else. Even if you don’t believe that now you will figure it out eventually. If your roommate keeps leaving dishes in the sink, address the issue politely – but don’t let it ruin your day or take the focus off of your own recovery!

  1. Avoid Relationships

Getting involved in a “rehab romance” is one of the worst things you can do while in an inpatient facility – especially if you are actually trying to get sober. Two extremely emotionally unstable, freshly clean individuals will never generate a healthy and stable relationship. It will end badly. Additionally, getting involved in a relationship will once again take the focus off of you.

  1. Avoid Distractions – Exercise and Food

It is not uncommon for a newly sober individual to replace drugs and alcohol with food or exercise. In many cases, food or exercise serve to fill the void created when the drugs are taken away. Many fall in to restricting their diets or overeating, and some resort to over exercising, all habit that initiate from one wanting to avoid focusing on underlying emotional trauma and create an external solution for an internal problem. Exercise is definitely fundamental – just watch yourself to make sure you are not overindulging in distracting behaviors.

  1. Avoid Isolation

Sometimes the reality of the situation will hit you, and you will want to do little else than stay in bed all day. However, it is highly important that you remain engaged. Isolating yourself will only compound and depression or sadness you may be feeling. Trust that your peers feel the same way you do, and reach out to overcome negative feelings rather sit with them.

  1. Avoid Overconfidence

An attitude of “I got this” is always a dangerous thing. Being confident is good, but a healthy fear of relapse is always an important factor in staying sober. Addiction is a highly complicated and insidious disease, and to assume you have it all figured out will most likely do more harm than good in the long run. Remember – you are powerless over drugs and alcohol… but this does not mean you are helpless!

  1. Avoid Living in Fantasyland

I was so convinced during my first 2 months of drug rehab that I was moving home immediately upon graduation that I spent more time trying to rebuild burnt bridges than trying to remedy myself. It is truly crucial to stay in the present day, and avoid projecting on any level. If you are careful to avoid these common pitfalls, your experience will inevitably be far more fulfilling. Remember – this is a time for you to heal and recover, don’t lose sight of what you came there for.

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