5 Ways To Get High Without Drugs

Let’s get honest about something for a second – if we could still get high or drunk without experiencing any of the innumerable negative consequences that go hand-in-hand with using, would we? There are times (though fewer and farther between nowadays) when I would love to hand in my “Get Out of Jail Free” card and feel a little shwasty without actually picking up. After all, we used because it was fun, right? At least in the very beginning. There’s no shame in admitting that no matter how terrible things got later down the line, we initially actually enjoyed getting high. Well, fortunately, we still can get high… high on life. I’m sure by now you’re rolling your eyes in bitter exasperation, recalling your 6th grade D.A.R.E. class (thank goodness for that program, right??). Well, it’s true. Take part in any of these 5 activities to experience a high like none other you have felt before.

Ways to “Get High” Without Drugs

  1. Hit Up a Theme Park

Rollercoasters produce an adrenaline rush that is essentially incomparable. Screaming at the top of your lungs while twisting and turning throughout the sky might seem like a weird way to experience the thrill of living, but the feeling you have while fearing for your life mid-air is definitely a natural high worth trying. Not all theme parks are insanely unaffordable, either. There is bound to be a crappy (but fun) water park somewhere nearby, or a family-owned theme park that might be creepy but could be more exciting than Disneyworld.

  1. Dance!

Just because you are sober does not mean you can’t go out dancing with a solid group of sober friends. As long as you have a support system in place and feel comfortable and safe, dressing up and heading to a dance club can potentially be a crazy fun way to spend your Saturday night. Dancing is great exercise and produces serotonin, and laughing with friends is always a healthy natural high.

  1. Go On a Run

Talk about producing serotonin! Exercise enthusiasts don’t talk about a “runner’s high” for no reason – it truly exists. The feeling one gets at the end of a long run is one of pure bliss… depending on how in-shape you are. If you’ve packed on the rehab poundage you may want to start off relatively slow.

  1. Laugh

There is literally no better natural high than sharing a hearty laugh with friends. Go see a comedy show, or organize a Ben Stiller movie marathon. Not a Ben Stiller fan? Try Adam Sandler.

  1. Give

Giving back in any way not only produces a natural high, it helps build self-esteem to a greater degree than nearly anything else. There are innumerable ways to give back to the community – volunteer, pick up trash, or simply make a goofy piece of art for someone close to you in order to show your appreciation. There are many ways to “get high” without using drugs or alcohol – experiment to find out which serotonin-producing activity is your personal favorite.

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