5 Positive Changes to Make in Early Sobriety

Committing to abstinence from all mood and mind altering substances is only one component of maintaining fulfilled and meaningful sobriety. While staying physically sober is of course of utmost importance, devoting your life to becoming a more compassionate and productive member of society is crucial in developing and bolstering self-esteem and facilitating growth in other areas. Listed below are 5 positive changes you can make in early sobriety to guarantee a better quality of life overall.

5 Positive Changes to make in Early Sobriety

  1. Eat Healthy

Diet plays a huge role in physical health, but can also greatly contribute to increased mental and emotional health. Changing your diet to incorporate more fruits and vegetables and less greasy fast food and junky snacks can boost emotional wellbeing and provide additional protection against relapse.

  1. Exercise

Not only does incorporating moderate exercise into your weekly regime help produce and regulate endorphins, but engaging in physical activity will also help to boost your likely faltering self-esteem. If you aren’t particularly fond of the gym, commit yourself to taking a 30-minute walk outdoors or a short bike ride 5 times a week. Many 12-step fellowships also have intramural sports teams – look into this in order to get in exercise and further build your support system.

  1. Volunteer

It is a scientifically proven fact that little else makes us feel as good as helping those in need. There are endless homeless shelters and soup kitchens to volunteer at, innumerable AA functions constantly looking for additional help, and an endless amount of other organizations looking for assistance on a regular basis. Get out there and lend a helping hand in order to build self-esteem and self-respect.

  1. Read a Book

Remember books? Those things we used to read in grade school, way back in the day? Because reading is somewhat difficult while in the grips of active addiction, it might be likely you haven’t picked one up in quite a while. Head to your local library and check out several books that interest you – maybe even books about addiction and alcoholism so you can further learn about the disease that you suffer from. Reading is healthy for your mind and will help retrain you to concentrate and pay attention.

  1. Find Your Passion

What do you like? What is your favorite movie, your favorite food, your favorite board game? Take time to explore potential passions whenever you get the chance, for learning what makes you tick is a new exciting opportunity that early sobriety will undeniably present you with.

Do your best to incorporate each of these 5 activities into your life to at least some degree, and you will find that recovery is much more fulfilling and rewarding than you ever previously imagined.

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