5 Drug Rehab Musts

If you have never before committed to a prolonged stay at an addiction rehab facility, you will surely have innumerable questions regarding what exactly to expect. While every inpatient rehab varies greatly in some degrees, every treatment center nationwide will require the same set of 5 crucial skills. Listed below are several fool-proof ways in which to succeed your first time around – take heed, and remember that success is possible for everyone, no matter how far they have fallen.

5 Drug Rehab Musts to Improve Your Stay

  1. Be honest.

Being dishonest with others will greatly negatively impact your recovery – and lying to yourself is an absolute recipe for failure. You will not being doing yourself any service unless you commit to completely opening up, even though it may be scary, it is the only thing that will keep you sober.

  1. Clean up after yourself.

Just do it. You will quickly learn that a coffee mug left on a nightstand is the moral equivalent of murdering a puppy. Yes, it is dramatic, but hearing your roommates nag you constantly about leaving a towel in the bathroom or dishes in the sink is not worth it. It just isn’t.

Take the cotton out of yours ears and shove it into your mouth. Despite how much you may think you know about drug addiction and successful recovery, you really, really don’t know anything at all. Leave it to the professionals. Carefully listening will benefit you extensively in the long run.

  1. Take suggestions.

Those that came before you truly do know what they’re doing, despite how it may seem. Take suggestions regardless of how sure you are that you have all the answers.

  1. Practice patience.

Living with other newly sober men and women can be trying, especially because, you will quickly find, everyone is completely insane (including you). Practice techniques that will keep you grounded, and remember that you are in the same exact boat as everyone else.

Getting sober is hard, but it is undeniably worth the effort you will need to put in in order to successfully formulate a solid foundation for lasting and meaningful recovery. Remember – this is only temporary! One day at a time.

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