5 Attitudes to Best Avoid in Addiction Recovery

In the vast majority of cases, prolonged dependency on drugs and alcohol strip will strip one of all eccentricities and personality, transforming a once lively and unique individual into a shell of his or her former self. Recovery is a beautiful and enlightening process, one that allows the reclamation of identity and the opportunity for further self-exploration. However, during the process of recovery it is easy to fall into patterns of thinking that can be somewhat detrimental, seeing as one is likely reforming his or her own opinions, perspectives, and outlooks, and is liable to adopt temporary ways of thinking that can act to harm rather than support. Listed below are five dangerous ways of thinking that can have an adverse effect on your recovery – so read up, and think before you think!

Avoid Adopting a Bad Attitude in Addiction Recovery

  1. An attitude of complacency.

Complacency tends to settle in when everything has been going well for a certain amount of time, and we begin to feel comfortable with where things are at in our recovery. We cease attempting to progress and settle in, likely beginning to skip meetings and put off calling our sponsors because everything is just fine – and our priorities become slightly askew. In order to avoid an attitude of complacency, be sure you are keeping your recovery your number one priority, and that you are constantly striving to better yourself.

  1. An attitude of “I got this”.

It is important to understand that no matter how much knowledge you have gained, there will always be more to learn. Never assume that you understand exactly what sobriety is all about – this is impossible, seeing as recovery is a somewhat abstract process revolving around spiritual healing. Continue doing what you know through experience works for you personally, but never assume that you are cured and better and no longer need spiritual upkeep.

  1. An attitude of dissimilarity.

This is an attitude that can be extremely detrimental to your process of recovery, and one that affects most all individuals who are new to sobriety. To avoid feeling different than everyone else, simply open your mouth and talk to new people! You will rapidly find that you can relate to most everyone in recovery that you come into contact with. Actively try to relate, and do your best to avoid passing judgment.

  1. A “f*** it” attitude.

This is also known as an attitude of indifference. You may be tempted to throw your hands up in exasperation when you start to feel overwhelmed, and brush everything off casually – though an attitude of disinterest can be extremely dangerous! Stay engaged and involved, even if you sometimes feel like you want to stay home in bed for days. Forcing yourself to get up and socialize or go to a meeting may seem impossible, but it will likely keep you sober for one more day.

  1. An attitude of “it won’t happen to me”.

No matter how confident you are in your sobriety, you are always only one drink or drug away from a potentially lethal relapse. Never forget where you came from, what obstacles you had to overcome to get where you are today.

Recovery is a true gift in a sense that you are able to essentially start from scratch, rediscovering what it is you believe and portray. Take advantage of this life-changing and personally bettering opportunity, while doing your best to avoid adopting attitudes that may get you into quite a bit of trouble!

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