10 Fun Sober Activities

There were numerous occasions in early sobriety during which my friends and I would find ourselves sitting in a parked car, bored out of our minds and cursing the day we ever got sober. There’s no question – early sobriety can be painfully boring. After all, we are becoming accustomed to a social life lacking drugs and alcohol for the first time. This is often a hard adjustment to make, especially for young adults aged 18-27. If we can’t party… what the heck are we supposed to do? Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list of 10 tried and true sober activities for you and your friends to participate in on nights you feel like maybe jumping off of a cliff is a good option.

Being Sober Is So Much Fun!

  1. Cards Against Humanity

This is an essential for early sobriety – this card game will inevitably save you and your friends on countless nights of potential death-by-boredom. Order it on Amazon.com to save a few bucks.

  1. Truth or Dare

What are you, 12? I know, it sounds pretty juvenile. But when you’re sitting around with nothing else to do, reverting back to middle school can actually be quite entertaining.

  1. Movie Marathon

Hit up a Redbox, grab snacks, and throw on some sweatpants. There’s nothing wrong with lounging out for a day, especially in the company of good friends. Try to get a trilogy if possible, or a television series – simply to occupy more time. Don’t forget, it’s okay to relax! You deserve a break. Staying sober is no easy task.

  1. Go Bowling

Bowling is for losers, right? Actually… no. Bowling can be pretty fun. Especially when you’ve literally got nothing better to do. Bowling is also relatively inexpensive. Place bets – loser has to buy a round of chicken wings.

  1. Go Miniature Golfing

Along the same lines as bowling, this activity may seem to be one reserved exclusively for awkward first dates and adolescent birthday parties. However, anything done with the company of friends you enjoy can be way more entertaining than you ever imagined. Again, play for bets. Winner buys a pizza after the game. Loser has to strip down to his skivvies and run down the street screaming, “The British are coming”.

  1. Beach Volleyball

I promise you, I am the least athletic human being known to man. I have never had as much fun as I did randomly playing beach volleyball on one “what is there to do” afternoon. A perk to this activity (besides the exercise) is the fact that you will be at the beach… when you get worn out take a dip, frolic in the waves, or catch a seagull merely for sport.

  1. Make Up Characters and Walk Around the Mall

Try to convince as many strangers as possible that you are a Goth named Zeltar and you are looking for a store that sells darkness. Don’t do this alone – be sure that you have at least one friend brave enough to play dress-up and act like an idiot with you. If you aren’t a fan of the mall, dress up in your finest gown or tux and head to Denny’s for an upscale date. Being weird is fun. However, it isn’t for the faint of heart.

  1. Take an Art Class

Painting pieces of ceramic isn’t typically that expensive. But if you’re on a super tight budget and can’t afford to custom-color a mug or a paperweight, try hitting up Michael’s and grabbing some art supplies. Art is therapeutic, and you can make stupid little things to give to your family members who will probably blindly cherish them.

  1. Take a “Tour”

Every town has “tours”, you just have to put in a little research. Some have historic tours (yawn) while others have ghost tours, culinary tours… whatever! Take a tour!

10. Go Yard Sale-ing

Now that you can wake up at 9 am on a Saturday without instantaneously vomiting beer into your boots, you can participate in fun early-morning activities such as sunrise walks on the beach, and (my personal favorite) yard sale-ing! Drive around and look for signs or premeditate with the help of Craigslist. After all, you’ll soon need to furnish your new apartment… you little sober success story!

Sobriety is fun – you just need to be creative.

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